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Prepayments/Student Lunch Accounts

The Eagle's Nest Cafe' Ways To Pay

The Eagle's Nest Cafe' has several ways to pay on your students accounts. We accept cash, checks and there is also a web page that you can pay with your credit card. For your convience click on the link "MySchoolBucks" tab on the left side of the page. You will also find this link on the school's home page.

When sending in a prepayment for your student, always make sure that you place the payment in a sealed envelope with students name on it, so that the teacher will know who and where it needs to go. On your check, please write your student's name and if you know the student ID #, in the memo box on the bottom of your check. If the check is for more that one student, or the last name is different, please be sure to specify this so that we know who to apply money to.  Checks are to be made to " FCA" , standing for Fauquier Cafeteria Account. Please make sure that you have your name, address and phone number on check. Bank does not like to accept checks with no information or starter checks.

If you apply money on your students account via the credit card account, it may take up to 48 hours to process and show up to your students account. Please be mindful of this, and if your student is charging, go ahead and send monies in to take care of the charges until account is possitive.

When we have special functions that parents and siblings of students come to eat with their child/children, family members are not allowed to use the student accounts for purchasing lunches. The cost of Adult and sibling lunches is $3.40. And please, it would be greatly appreciated if exact change or small bills were brought!

Thanks so much for reading this page. If you have questions please dont hesitate to email or call me, Daphne McGee @ 540-422-7656 or