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About Us

Ritchie Elementary during construction
Picture of Mr. C. Hunter Ritchie
C Hunter Ritchie Elementary School almost completed

C. Hunter Ritchie School is a kindergarten through grade five public school named after a Virginia gentleman who served on the county school board for 28 years. The school was opened in 1990. It is located on Route 600 near the village of New Baltimore.

We are proud to serve our students who learn each day at Ritchie. We maintain a genuine interest in each child as an individual. Our instructional program guides our students to become successful, independent readers and writers, mathematicians who reason and compute accurately, historians who know and understand the past and how it shapes the future, and scientists who use investigation and inquiry to learn about the world. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Student progress is continually assessed to inform instruction.

Our students come from economically diverse backgrounds; ethnic diversity exists in type, but not large numbers.

Our community gives much support to Ritchie. Our PTO and volunteer programs make the difference. Parent participation in school conferences, activities, and events sends a meaningful message to children that school is important. The school serves as a meeting place for many community events each month including scouting programs, recreational athletics, and citizens' meetings.


Ritchie Students


Ritchie Elementary has several programs that focus on helping "at risk" students and the special needs of all students. This assistance is provided by having both during and after-school programs with specialized instruction. We also have a gifted and talented program for identified students and art, music, and physical education instruction for all students.

** "At- risk" is defined as students that we believe many not pass the SOL assessments in reading and math based on teacher evaluation, previous SOL experience, classroom assessments, and PALS scores.


Safety, Cleanliness, and Adequacy of School Facilities

Our school and the district are both committed to having a safe and clean environment for learning. At the site level, there is an emergency preparedness plan; regular fire and emergency drills are held. Planning for various potential emergencies is done in coordination with regional agencies, the district, and school plans stressing safety for the students first. At least one coordinated drill is held regionally in which the district participates.

Specific safety concerns regarding buildings and grounds at the school site are handled by the maintenance department if they cannot be remedied by site custodians or utility workers assigned to site duties. Our professional staff of 4 custodians performs basic cleaning operations in every classroom every day.

Other aspects of the school/district safety program include:

· Bus evacuation drills
· Fire safety inspections
· Campus supervision

Classroom Discipline/Learning Climate

C. Hunter Ritchie School provides a disciplined, but stimulating, learning climate for students. The climate for learning at our school is enhanced by involved parents. Parents are encouraged to become involved in school communities and programs, to help with homework, and to encourage and honor their child's successes. Student discipline is the responsibility of all our staff members.

A major goal is to provide a positive climate for learning in order to assure student achievement, enhance self-esteem, and develop positive social behavior. To reach this goal, Ritchie offers many opportunities for student participation and recognition.  We implement  school-wide Positive Behavior Expectations and instruction.

Students are encouraged and expected to maintain appropriate behavior at all times because disruptions interfere with learning. Student handbooks and other information about school and classroom rules are distributed and discussed on a regular basis. Subject matter and courses are reviewed on a regular basis. Academic standards have been developed in alignment with Virginia State Standards of Learning and local needs. Parents are encouraged and welcome to be active participants in the process.

After-School Programs

Ritchie School is a definite support base in the housing of active after-school programs that service many of the students attending the school. Activities available according to student interest include Cardio Kidz, Chess Club, Battle Of The Books, and All Star Jumpers. In addition, the community holds Scout meetings and various athletic events after school. Our school is a polling place and site for many community meetings.